Stability of Traveling Waves Based upon the Evans Function and Legendre Polynomials




Srivastava, H.M.
Abdel-Gawad, Hamdy I.
Saad, Khaled M.

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Applied Sciences


One of the tools and techniques concerned with the stability of nonlinear waves is the Evans function which is an analytic function whose zeros give the eigenvalues of the linearized operator. Here, in this paper, we propose a direct approach, which is based essentially upon constructing the eigenfunction solution of the perturbed equation based upon the topological invariance in conjunction with usage of the Legendre polynomials, which have presumably not considered in the literature thus far. The associated Legendre eigenvalue problem arising from the stability analysis of traveling waves solutions is systematically studied here. The present work is of considerable interest in the engineering sciences as well as the mathematical and physical sciences. For example, in chemical industry, the objective is to achieve a great yield of a given product. This can be controlled by depicting the initial concentration of the reactant, which is determined by its value at the bifurcation point. This analysis leads to the point separating stable and unstable solutions. As far as chemical reactions are described by reaction-diffusion equations, this specific concentration can be found mathematically. On the other hand, the study of stability analysis of solutions may depict whether or not a soliton pulse is well-propagated in fiber optics. This can, and should, be carried out by finding the solutions of the coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations and by analyzing the stability of these solutions.



staionary waves (pulses) and wave fronts, Evans function, exponential dichotomies, Legendre functions and Legendre polynomials, associated Legendre polynomials, Jacobi elliptic functions, associated Legendre eigenvalue problem, traveling wave solutions


Srivastava, H.M., Abdel-Gawad, H.I. and Saad, K.M. (2020). Stability of Traveling Waves Based upon the Evans Function and Legendre Polynomials. Applied Sciences, 10(3), 846.