Mathematical prediction model of the infiltration deterioration due to clogging in pervious pavement based on pore/particle size distribution




Sharaby, Ahmed

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Permeable pavement structures (PPSs) are one of the significant LID systems that have potential positive effect on the ecosystem. Yet, the performance of permeable pavements is still questionable. Further studies on the hydrological performance of the system need to be addressed for better design criteria and maintenance during the operation. The infiltration through the pavement is a crucial parameter that projects the system performance. Several factors affect its deterioration. The entrapment of suspended materials associated with the infiltrated stormwater through the system is one of the major factors that affect its performance. Factors that promote the entrapment of particles were discussed thoroughly through the literature and are explained in this study. Many previous studies were focused on performing experimental work and developing empirical models to study the hydraulic performance of the system. Yet, prediction models on the infiltration deterioration need to be addressed and theoretical analysis needs to be performed in order to determine the empirical coefficients with defined parameters that were introduced in the previous literature. Furthermore, the sensitivity of the pore and particle size distribution and mass loading rate of the suspended materials on the infiltration rate need to be addressed. The study focuses on investigating performance of PPSs with examining the variation effect of pore and particle size distribution on it. A prediction model was made and simulated using Matlab software, in which pore and particle size means and standard deviations are taken as inputs. Further, the variation in these parameters on infiltration is examined. Critical levels, that infiltration decline would reach, were defined based on the introduced mechanisms from the previous literature. Based on the variation of pore and particle size means and standard deviations, these critical levels were studied through the analysis of the obtained results from the simulated model.



Pervious, Porous, Pavement, Infiltration, Clogging, Prediction Modelling