High risk alcohol consumption and contraceptive use by young women in the Greater Victoria area




Adams, Julie L

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High-risk alcohol consumption in combination with unprotected sexual activity can have deleterious results for the individual, their family and their larger community. In this investigation, a secondary analysis was performed on the female data of Wave 3 of the Healthy Youth Survey to determine rates of female drinking and unprotected sex and to create a predictive model of high-risk drinking behaviour. Three dependent variables were examined: heavy drinking, weekly binge drinking and having a CAGE score of 2 or more, and Jessor and Jessor's (1977) Problem Behaviour Theory is drawn on in the interpretation of results. Age, the influence of negative peers, physical victimization, and the presence of an addiction-prone personality were found to be predictive of engaging in heavy drinking and weekly binge drinking; the influence of negative peers was found to be predictive in having a CAGE score of 2 or more. A difference in contraceptive use was only found for the young women engaging in weekly binge drinking. The results of this study highlight the importance of how different drinking styles can impact the likelihood of engaging in high-risk sex.



alcohol use, contraception use, young women