Jaina and post-normal perspectives on uncertainty in climate change mitigation




Burgess, Sarah Isabel Helen

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I examine uncertainty in climate change mitigation using the Jaina theory of reality, anekdntavada, and post-normal science, focussing on carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS). Aneknntavada reveals all conceptual knowledge, not just science, as reductionist. Traditional science is ekanta, failing to acknowledge its reductionism, and this has led to incautious and contextually inappropriate application of scientific results. However, through Jaina principles and post-normal methodology, we can avoid scientific and technological ekdntavadism. For example, we must ensure "continuous iterative control" is possible in any CCS project. Accordingly, geological and mineral carbonate storage are preferable to oceanic storage. The IPCC report on CCS is not a post-normal document, since only scientific and technical experts prepared it. This is not necessarily a criticism: the report could be an expert input preceding post-normal dialogue. However, since values enter scientific undertakings early on, a broader community of stakeholders should perhaps have prepared the Special Report.



Climatic changes, Philosophy