Constructivism in action: the lingering effects of the Education Lab section of EOS 120 on participants' pedagogy




Alpert, Sarah Elizabeth

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The Education Lab is a specialized lab section of an Earth and Ocean Sciences introductory Geology lab that is geared towards teacher education candidates and uses a constructivist approach through the model of E-D-U (Explore, Discuss, Understand). The EOS120 Education Lab was started in 2005 by David Blades and Eileen Van der Flier-Keller and continues to the present. The goal of this study was to assess the lingering effects, if any, of the Education Lab on the pedagogy of those participants that had continued through their teacher education. Qualitative analysis shows that the lab has had a lasting impact on the participants of this study, including the use of hands-on inquiry and constructivist principles in their pedagogy as well as an increase in participant interest and positive attitudes towards Earth Science and science in general.



Constructivism, Science Education, Pre-service Teacher Education, Changes in Participant Pedagogy