Motion Capture Technology for Enhancing Live Dance Performances




Khutorna, Sofiia

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In this research, we introduce an innovative approach that combines Virtual Reality with a motion capture suit for live dance performances. Leveraging real-time motion capture technology, we can stream precise body movement data to a virtual shadow character and project it behind the dancer in real-time. This configuration supports every stage of dance development—from the initial inception to the captivating final performance on stage. The motivation behind this project is to enrich the visual experience for the audience by establishing a captivating blend of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality, and to help dancers reflect on their choreography during the creation process. This system lets dancers make changes on the spot while performing, adding flexibility to their routines. Additionally, performers are able to use this setup anytime without the need for recording and post-production processes. By the end of my VKURA internship I was able to complete this project. Nonetheless, there remains room for improvement, particularly working on a delay between real and virtual movements.



Computer Science, Motion Capture, Virtual Reality, Dance