LogoRhythms: a sound synthesis and computer audition API for the open source UCB Logo interpreter




Hechmer, Aaron

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This thesis describes the construction, form, purpose and motivation for LogoRhythms, a sound synthesis and computer audition API intended to be used as a tool in the teaching of computer programming, computer science and associated skills. LogoRhythms is built into Berkeley Logo (UCB Logo), a contemporary open source Logo interpretter. In addition to serving as a user manual complete with program description and code examples, this work documents an exercise in experimental archaeology that traces the unfortunate shift in educational computing and personal computing in general from an emphasis of 'computer literacy' to one of 'user-friendly.' Arguments in defense of command-line and text based computing parallel those for computing as a tool for creative expression and are made in three ways: historical analysis, a new user-study and philosophical investigation. Programming is a widely learnable skill and debugging a useful skill transcending a utility limited to computer programs. Digital musical composition provides a perpetually renewable Opportunity for custom software, underscoring that programming is a creative endeavor.



LOGO (computer program language), computer sound processing