Nursing practice change: an interpretive description study of nurses working in Qatar




Levers, M-J. D

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Clinical nursing practice is on the cusp of significant and unrelenting change amid globalization, austerity measures and technological advancements as the world moves out of the industrial age into the knowledge age. With advances in technology, theory and research, the potential changes to future nursing practice are unlimited. Understanding the process nurses undertake to change their practice in light of these predicted trends is critical if outcomes for patients are to be safe and effective. Yet, there was a paucity of published research that investigate the process of nursing practice change. Thus, the purpose of this study was to describe the process registered nurses undertake to change their clinical practice. The study used an interpretive description methodology and involved interviewing 15 registered nurses with various backgrounds and experience in Doha, Qatar. Data were analyzed using constant comparison methods, simultaneous data collection and analysis, and intensive memoing. The findings revealed an overall theme of asing the dis-ease’, in addition to three sub-themes: disruption, actioning and stabilizing. The study provide simportant insights into how nurses change their clinical practice. A significant contribution of this study is the role of the individual in changing nursing practice.



Clinical nursing practice, Qatar’s National Health Strategy 2018 – 2022, healthcare system