Power and channel allocation for broadband wireless networks




Ma, Bojiang

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With the limited wireless spectrum and the ever-increasing demand for wireless services, two issues are pressing and difficult: efficient spectrum utilization and heterogeneous traffic management. Throughput and utility maximization problems are proposed to quantify these two issues. To exploit the wireless spatial multiplex gain, concurrent transmissions, if controlled appropriately, can lead to overall higher network throughput as well as utility. The optimal scheduling and power control for concurrent transmissions in rate-adaptive wireless networks is a very challenging NPhard problem. In the thesis, we propose efficient power allocation and scheduling algorithms for concurrent transmissions which can improve network throughput and utility with fairness consideration. We first formulate the optimal power allocation and scheduling problem for network throughput and utility maximization individually, and convert the original non-convex problems into a series of convex problems using a two-phase approximation. Then, we propose power and channel allocation with fairness for network throughput maximization (PCAF-NTM) and for network utility maximization (PCAF-NUM) algorithms to solve the converted problems. Extensive simulation results show the substantial improvement in terms of both network throughput and utility, comparing to the previous scheduling algorithms.



power control, channel allocation