Dynamic resource allocation in computing clouds through distributed Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis




Yazır, Yağız Onat
Matthews, Chris
Farahbod, Roozbeh
Guitouni, Adel
Neville, Stephen
Ganti, Sudhakar
Coady, Yvonne

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In computing clouds, it is desirable to avoid wasting resources as a result of under-utilization and to avoid lengthy response times as a result of over-utilization. In this paper, we propose a new approach for dynamic autonomous resource management in computing clouds. The main contribution of this work is two-fold. First, we adopt a distributed architecture where resource management is decomposed into independent tasks, each of which is performed by Autonomous Node Agents that are tightly coupled with the physical machines in a data center. Second, the Autonomous Node Agents carry out configurations in parallel through Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis using the PROMETHEE method. Simulation results show that the proposed approach is promising in terms of scalability, feasibility and flexibility.