A robust and reliability-based optimization framework for conceptual aircraft wing design




Paiva, Ricardo Miguel

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A robustness and reliability based multidisciplinary analysis and optimization framework for aircraft design is presented. Robust design optimization and Reliability Based Design Optimization are merged into a uni ed formulation which streamlines the setup of optimization problems and aims at preventing foreseeable implementation issues in uncertainty based design. Surrogate models are evaluated to circumvent the intensive computations resulting from using direct evaluation in nondeterministic optimization. Three types of models are implemented in the framework: quadratic interpolation, regression Kriging and artificial neural networks. Regression Kriging presents the best compromise between performance and accuracy in deterministic wing design problems. The performance of the simultaneous implementation of robustness and reliability is evaluated using simple analytic problems and more complex wing design problems, revealing that performance benefits can still be achieved while satisfying probabilistic constraints rather than the simpler (and not as computationally intensive) robust constraints. The latter are proven to to be unable to follow a reliability constraint as uncertainty in the input variables increases. The computational effort of the reliability analysis is further reduced through the implementation of a coordinate change in the respective optimization sub-problem. The computational tool developed is a standalone application and it presents a user-friendly graphical user interface. The multidisciplinary analysis and design optimization tool includes modules for aerodynamics, structural, aeroelastic and cost analysis, that can be used either individually or coupled.



Optimization, Reliability, Robust design optimization, Aircraft design