A case study of pre-service and practicing science teachers’ awareness of the nature of science foundation for the new British Columbia grades 8-10 science curricula




Shillito Pryhitka, Allana

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British Columbia embraced the Pan-Canadian Science Framework by revising its K-12 Science curriculum between 2005 and 2008 to align with national and international efforts to improve scientific literacy; Grades 8 to 10 were the last and the largest of the changes. This mixed method project gathered evidence of general scientific literacy in pre-service science teachers; using three surveys, document analyses of how scientific literacy and Nature of Science (NOS) altered common learning outcomes, and an interview of practicing science teachers to assess how the new scientific-literacy-enriched curricula, for Grades 8 to 10, have impacted their teaching. Pre-service teachers did not recognize science as parsimonious and did not differentiate types of air pollution. The new curricula contained more learning outcomes in the form of Achievement Indicators. Teachers stated that courses were too large to finish, and also that classroom laboratory and research time were cut, in an attempt to finish the new courses.



Sciency Literacy, Nature of Science, high-school curriculum, achievement indicators, learning outcomes, standardized testing, Preservice teachers