Tom Moore and Ed Mankelow Interviews




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Elders Council for Parks in British Columbia
Searle, D. Richard (Donald Richard), 1951

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Tom Moore interviewed by Rick Searle. Moore speaks about his employment with BC Parks (1950-1995), including positions as district manager and regional manager. He names the parks he worked in, which included most of the parks in BC. Moore characterizes the 1960s as a time of tough budgeting processes, the 1970s as a time when more money than could be spent responsibly and the 1980s as a time when development was sold off and programs were done away with (e.g. youth crew). Moore’s most memorable experiences include building a park from start to finish in a single year (e.g. Okanagan Lake Park) as well as developing ski areas in Manning Park and Cypress Mountain. Ed Mankelow interviewed by Rick Searle. Mankelow speaks about his involvement with BC Parks and protected areas through work with the Parks and Wilderness Land Use Committee of the BC Wildlife Federation (1962-2006), the Canadian Wildlife Federation, the BC Parks Legacy Panel and the Parks Advisory Committee. He is most familiar with parks where he park host, namely Spatzisi and Kakwa, as well as Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island. Mankelow recounts his most memorable experiences, such as park inaugurations and watching wild animals in their native habitat. His biggest accomplishments center on awards he has received for his environmental work over the years, including the award for outstanding conservationist in Canada (1979), the Barsby Award for Conservation (1979) and the Millenium Award for protection of parks. Mankelow hopes to be remembered for his passion for parks, which comes from his true belief in young people. Mankelow sees securing continued financial support from government and the 2010 Olympics as the next major challenges for parks and protected areas. Mankelow’s regrets are few, but he does regret suggesting the co-management of wild rivers in BC. Part of Elders’ Council for Parks in British Columbia oral history interview series, collected for the documentary BC Parks: Celebrating 100 Years of Recreation and Protection available at


Interviews conducted by Rick (D. Richard) Searle in 2006. Moore interview running time: 0:00-13:47,QuicktimeH.264 file. Mankelow running time: 13:48-46:07, Quicktime H.264 file. Donated to UVic Archives in 2008 by Rick Searle executive producer of EKOS Communications.


Moore, Tom, Elders Council for Parks of British Columbia, British Columbia. Forest Service., British Columbia. Parks Division., Parks -- British Columbia, Mankelow, Ed