Comparative Behavioural Changes in Healthy Aging




Kwan, Heather

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The literature on cognitive aging suggests that cognition decreases with age. It is suggested that older adults decrease in accuracy and reaction time as they get older. The Multi-Source Interference Task (MSIT) is designed to activate the cingulo-frontal-parietal network, which is associated with attention and cognition. In the present study, this task was administered to seventeen young and old healthy adults. I compared the reaction time and accuracy of the task between and within groups. The results of this task demonstrated that older adults were significantly slower than younger adults in both congruent and incongruent conditions. However, older adults were just as accurate as younger adults in the congruent condition of the task. This suggests that older adults are able to compensate for declining cognition. The next steps are to compare the function near infrared spectroscopy imaging to examine the brain-level differences, to see if they support the theory of compensation.



Heathy aging, MSIT, cognition, cingulo-frontal-parietal network