Validation of a Testing Apparatus for the Assessment of Shoulder Joint Implants




Law, Jaden

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Shoulder replacement surgery is important for reducing pain and increasing shoulder function. Moreover, shoulder joint implant testing is crucial for successful surgical outcomes. One aspect of testing is the material used to model the human scapula. Furthermore, ASTM standard F2028-17 requires researchers and orthopaedic companies to use specific materials for testing shoulder joint implants. However, more research is required to determine the optimal model material, specifically for testing reverse shoulder joint implants. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to verify an apparatus to test reverse shoulder joint implants in cadaveric scapulae and the material used in the ASTM standard. The micromotion of the implant inside both materials will be analyzed and the data will be used to determine the optimal model material for testing reverse shoulder joint implants.



Reverse shoulder arthroplasty, reverse shoulder joint implants, ASTM-F2028-17