Bringing a Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach into Higher Grades- Links to 21st Century Learning Skills and the Maker Movement




Galloway, Alison

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The purpose of this project is to examine two educational philosophies: the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education and the maker movement, both of which explicitly reference the 21st century learning competencies espoused by the British Columbia government within a constructivist, student-centered learning environment. This project examines the philosophies and beliefs of each approach and concludes that together, they could provide teachers with the necessary tools and environment to teach the key competencies for the 21st century. A website is created as a resource guide for educators interested in creating a Reggio Emilia inspired makerspace. Key areas of the website include a blog documenting the implementation of a genius hour model, Reggio Emilia resources for teachers, makerspace resources for teachers and a collection of online resources to assist teachers in learning more about both approaches. Creating a makerspace based on Reggio-inspired principles would address the collaboration, creation, and innovation needs of our 21st century learners.



Reggio Emilia Approach, Maker Movement, Makerspace, Reggio inspired, 21st Century competencies