Exploring school district supports and the strength of leader efficacy: a case study




Baldwin, Caroline Michele

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This study explores school district supports for leader efficacy. Enhancing leadership self and collective efficacy (LSE & LCE) positively impacts leader performance, which advances student learning and supports school improvement. I conducted a bounded case study of an urban school district. Evidence of district conditions and supports came from district documents, a survey and interview data. LSE and LCE were measured for 32 principals and vice-principals. This study supports the findings of an earlier study that identified ways in which district leaders, through district conditions, have the greatest impact on LSE and LCE. Evidence revealed that the district under study satisfied these conditions and also showed strong measurements of both LSE and LCE. The results show this district is finding effective ways to support and enhance LSE and LCE. District conditions are described and recommendations for continued improvement made.



leader efficacy, collective efficacy, leader performance, student achievement, school improvement, district conditions, district leadership