Modelling of barotropic M2 tidal circulation with friction effects in Kyuquot Sound




Wan, Di

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This thesis examines the barotropic M2 tidal circulation and associated oceanographic properties in the Kyuquot Sound. The main contribution of this thesis is the development of a simple analytical model based on results from a Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM), describing a two-channel system. The simple analytical model allows us to estimate the energy dissipation rate in Crowther Channel and recognizes that friction is responsible for phase difference (between currents and elevation) variations as we move along the channel. This is done without running complex numerical models or collecting extensive observation data. We found a difference in velocity phases between a dominant channel (Kyuquot Channel) and a secondary channel (Crowther Channel) in Kyuquot Sound. The velocity phase response in the secondary channel is out of phase with the dominant channel, and varies when we move along the channel, while the elevation phases are consistent between the two channels. This result has a potentially significant impact on future biological and navigation decisions. Our research is also focused on getting a general understanding of the circulation in Kyuquot Sound, and offers an energy budget comparison between the analytical and numerical model results. These results allow the contrast between the simple analytical and the numerical model to be clarified, as the advantages and limitations of both are discussed in detail.



Barotropic, Modelling, Kyuquot Sound, Tidal Circulation, Numerical Modelling, Oceanography, FVCOM, British Columbia, Ocean Physics