Exploring the mystical depths of Persian music: a case study




Bahrami, Sylvia Ava

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The need for multicultural counselling is on the rise while developing multicultural tools in counselling are lagging behind. This is especially apparent in the use of music for counselling purposes. There is a dearth of knowledge regarding the music repertoires of different cultures and how they might be implemented in counselling practices. The research presented here explores the depths of improvisatory Persian music from the lens of two masters of this music. Master Douglas Hensley is an American born musician who has mastered playing Persian music on various instruments. The second participant, Master Kayhan Kalhor, is a renowned Iranian musician who is best known for his improvisatory work on an authentic instrument called the Kamancheh. Based on my interview with the participants, I have deduced that Persian music is indeed intertwined with Persian mysticism and as such it provokes self-awareness and self-control. Based on these findings I propose a conceptual framework, which provides the foundation for future lines of research regarding the use of Persian music in counselling settings.



counselling, counseling, multicultural, music, therapy, Persian, improvisation