Development, optimization and implementation of the design for a centrifugal reverse-osmosis desalination system




Wild, Peter Martin

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A new method of sea water desalination, Centrifugal Reverse-Osmosis (CRO), is developed from concept to patented design and functional prototype of capacity 11,355 litres of fresh water per day. CRO is shown to have significant benefits relative to the leading existing desalination technology, conventional reverse-osmosis. These benefits include: lower energy consumption, reduced initial and replacement membrane costs, lower noise levels and improved reliability. CRO is projected to show increasing cost efficiency as plant capacity increases. For a relatively large CRO plant, 65lm³ fresh water per day, the total cost of desalinated water is projected to be 25.9% lower than the total cost of water produced by a conventional RO plant of equivalent capacity. The current patented design requires further development in order to realize this potential. Toward this end, a computational and experimental study of rotor windage losses and an experimental study of fluid flow losses through the rotor are conducted. In addition a new method for the analysis of stresses in a filament wound rotor shell under combined centrifugal and pressure loading is developed.



Saline water conversion, Reverse osmosis process