Design and Implementation of Heuristic based Phishing detection technique




Patel, Jaynish

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In today’s world, the internet has brought a tremendous change in e-commerce aspect of people’s lives. However, it is prone to a wide variety of security attacks. One of the most dangerous security threats is phishing. Phishing is a nontrivial problem involving deceptive emails and webpages that trick unsuspecting users into willingly revealing their confidential information. In this project, various phishing detection techniques are discussed and one technique based heuristic rule are implemented to detect the phishing URL. The different features are extracted from the given URL. The feature groups include address-bar related features, abnormal- based features, HTML – JavaScript based features and domain based features. The different heuristic rules are implemented and decision is made based on the output of the heuristic rules. Furthermore, different weightage is also assigned to each heuristic rule to detect the URL correctly. The API id developed in Java to classify URL as phishing and Legitimate. To test the application, a dataset from Alexa and Phish tank was collected. An automated script was written, which takes the URL in the JSON format and send to API running on some server and gets the Output in JSON format as Legitimate or Phishing along with the score.



Heuristic, Phishing, Detection