The Server-side Development of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Web Application




Xu, Ziyou

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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the greatest challenges to human society in recent two years. It has brought enormous damage to the public health and global economy. Contact tracing is one of the most important protection techniques to sup- port social distancing and control the spread of COVID-19 infection for the general public. The purpose of our project is to develop a COVID-19 contact tracing Web application to facilitate workplace COVID-19 management on a business, professional or government organization’s premises. To obtain the data for the contact tracing application, the UVic indoor localization team collects indoor localization data by advanced WIFI fingerprinting from WIFI signals and the location of fingerprints is predicted by machine learning algorithms. This report demonstrates the server-side development of COVID-19 contact tracing Web application which processes the in- door localization data and generates the contact tracing result for the client-side Web application. Moreover, the aspects of RESTful APIs, Web security, and deployment are discussed in this report.