Hong Kong grade five students' experience of a unit on the American Civil War




Cheh, Gene

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This phenomenological study describes the lived experiences of grade five students of a social studies unit on the American Civil War taught in an international school setting. Specific aims were: (1) to examine and explore the content learned and student experiences of the various activities during the unit and (2) to comment on the current state of the unit in order to make specific recommendations to improve student learning. This study reveals that student experience of the American Civil War Unit is varied, complex and often surprising. Additionally, the role of the teacher remains highly influential in terms of how a student perceives the experience, even during the most exciting events and activities. This study also suggests that information about students' experiences should be sought in determining those aspects of learning not typically measured by traditional means in order to make informed decisions about how to improve student learning experiences.



history, study and teaching, American Civil War, Elementary education in Hong Kong