Cross-layer protocol design and performance study for wideband wireless networks




Zhang, Ruonan

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This thesis presents a cross-layer design and optimization for emerging wideband wireless networks supporting multimedia applications, considering the interactions of the wireless channel characteristics, the physical and link layer protocols, and the user-perceived Quality-of-Service (QoS). As wireless channels are error-prone and broadcast in nature, both the error control mechanisms and the Media Access Control (MAC) protocols are critical for resource utilization and QoS provisioning. How to analyze, design and optimize the high-rate wireless networks by considering the characteristics of the propagation channels and wideband communication technologies is an open, challenging issue. In this thesis, we consider two important wideband wireless systems, the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and the Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems. First, we propose the packet-level channel models based on Finite State Markov Chains (FSMCs) for the two systems, which present the statistical properties of the propagation channels and the transmission systems. Second, by incorporating the proposed packet-level channel models, we develop analytical frameworks for quantifying the performance of the high-rate wireless networks, combining the channel fading, physical- and link-layer error-control mechanisms and MAC protocols. Third, to mitigate the impact of channel fading and impairments, a cross-layer joint error-control mechanism is proposed. In addition, we also investigate the impact of channel fading on the video streaming applications, and propose a simple admission control algorithm to ensure QoS. As considering the physical-layer characteristics is critical for ensuring QoS and efficiency of resource utilization, the packet-level channel models, cross-layer analytical frameworks, networking protocols and simulation methodologies proposed in this dissertation are essential for future proliferation of high-rate wireless networks.



cross-layer design, packet-level channel model, finite state Markov model, fading channels, UWB, body shadowing effect, multi-carrier communications, OFDM, error-control, MAC, AMC, ARQ, queueing process, admission control, IPTV streaming, WiMedia ECMA-368, IEEE 802.15.3