Universal Design for Learning in the Drama Classroom


2023-03-17, 2023-03-17


Wilde, Emma

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The BC Fine Arts curriculum, centred around creativity, curiosity, and collaboration, offers students a sphere of their schooling where their individuality can shine and their creativity can be nurtured. The principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), striving for universality in the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of learning, are beautifully suited to the Drama classroom. During a term of practicum teaching, I focused on creating unit and lesson plans centred around the principles of UDL, and writing anonymized reflective journals on my planning process, how I implemented UDL principles, and how the students responded. Guided by UDL principles, I taught a Drama 9-12 class with many diverse needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Deafness, Cerebral Palsy, and other learning disorders. The lessons and projects I designed created a space of creativity and accessibility where every student could learn and express their learning uniquely.



Universal Design for Learning, Accessibility, Drama, Education