Layer: Augmented Realities in Life and Fiction




Walraven, Aya

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Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture


Augmented reality — a technology with which we are able to visually add the virtual into our perception of the real. New layered perception allows for completely new forms of graffiti, hacks, interactions and identity. When layers are added to our sense of sight and perception, how do we, and our interactions, change? What implications would it have for social issues such as internet suicides when, through these technologies, parts of our perceived reality could also become instantly shared media through massively multi-user augmented reality? Traversing avenues of technology, place, social interaction and identity, I hope to inspire imaginative visions and prophecies of how augmented reality might affect our world through exploration of augmented reality technologies seen in present day, the future, in both real life and fictional worlds.



augmented reality, layers, perception, internet suicide, multi-user augmented reality, social identity, fictional worlds


Walraven, Aya. "Layer: Augmented Realities in Life and Fiction." Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, Victoria, B.C. 5 June 2009. Presentation.