Review of Routing Protocols in VANETs




Tufail, Rana Moazzam

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Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) is becoming an important technology which col- laborating ad hoc network, wireless LAN (WLAN) and cellular technology to attain intelligent communication mechanism. Due to rapidly changing topology, obstacles in communication network and limited mobility in VANET, there is a need of intelligent and e cient routing protocol which promise improved e ciency in terms of minimizing delay, increase throughput and reliability. A review of most recent protocols is presented by using few parameters of the network, location veri cation, clustering, routing technique, delay, control overhead and forwarding strategy. The review discusses the advantages and disadvantages of routing protocols for vehicular ad hoc networks. It inspects the need behind the design of these routing protocols. The review also includes Physical layer and MAC protocol structure for current vehicular ad hoc networks. Finally the review concludes discussing issues with routing protocol and Physical layer and MAC protocol with regard to VANETs.