Models of time in audio processing environments




Burroughs, Ivan Neil

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Time has always been a parameter to minimize in computer programs. It is the stuff that measures our patience as we wait for results. However, for a number of problems, we seek to model a notion of time that can be used to regulate the rate at which things happen. Audio processing is one of these problem areas. It has seen the development of many languages and environments with each one having to adopt a suitable notion of time to support such things as accurately timed events and interactivity while remaining efficient. In this thesis I will investigate the forms of simulated time within audio processing environments. To this end, I will define a set of properties that shape the construction of a model of time simulated on a computer. We can see these properties in the design of languages and environments that support the scheduling of events. With that in mind, I will provide a survey of the use of time in a number of computer languages and paradigms. The reach of this survey will not be exhaustive but will instead try to investigate different ideas with an emphasis on languages for audio processing. I will also put some of these ideas into practice by presenting two separate audio processing frameworks each with their own model of time.



Audio Processing, Time, Programming Languages, Computer Scheduler