De-Colonizing Post Secondary Education: Using Ktunaxa students’ experiences to inform decolonization processes of post secondary institutions




Haley, Wendy

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Post secondary institutions are a product of, and teach colonial ontology, epistemology and axiology. Because of this, there is significant under-representation of Indigenous students who pursue post secondary education. Of the students who pursue post secondary education, many do not finish because the institution is an unwelcoming environment. This thesis examines how to decolonize the post secondary institution using a Ktunaxa perspective. Decolonization of the post secondary system is necessary to develop and support a more welcoming environment for Indigenous students. Decolonization is also an important factor in ensuring that the education Indigenous students receive is not only relevant to them, but is an accurate representation of who they are as people and in society. The researcher interviewed Ktunaxa students both past and present and then provided evidence for common themes that surfaced through the interview process. General conclusions indicate that decolonization needs to permeate the entire post secondary system from policies and procedures, to general attitudes, to curriculum and staffing.



decolonization, indigenization, ktunaxa, post secondary, education