Teaching teachers: professional development that supports literacy learning




Cruikshank, Susan C.

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As I explain in my review of the literature, there are many challenges to teaching global education. However, literature and literacy education present numerous opportunities for teaching from a global perspective. For this project, I prepared and facilitated 4 teacher professional development workshops intended to support global education and literacy learning for grade 4 to 7 students. Through a reflective process, I explored the complexities of professional development that supports literacy and global education. I analyzed of the value of the 4 workshops according to elements that I believe are significant. I also examined the workshops relative to the literature on adult education and teacher professional development. I explored various perspectives on adult education and made connections between adult learning theory and professional development for teachers. As a result of my analysis, I propose a differentiated and comprehensive model for professional development which includes a literacy coaching component.



professional development, literacy learning, global education, adult learning