Design and development of 3D-CAD engine




Tanaka, Shigenori
Froese, Thomas M.
Kubota, Satoshi
Nakamura, Kenji
Monobe, Kantaro

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CSCE International Construction Specialty Conference


Civil infrastructure drawing data are normally generated by computer-aided design (CAD) software in the design phase, and are also frequently needed during the construction and maintenance phases. An environment would be provided in which 3D construction information can efficiently and smoothly be used throughout the project lifecycle. Then, a 3D-CAD engine should be developed and operated to create and modify 3D structure information, but Japan’s CAD venders have not had a product of the 3D-CAD software. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to spread 3D-CAD rapidly and at low cost throughout the construction industry in Japan. To achieve this purpose, we designed and developed a 3D-CAD engine. Our research and development made progress step by step with the research, the outline design, the primary design, and the detailed design. To verify the designed algorithm, we developed a prototype. After this we developed a 3D-CAD engine, and also simple 3D-CAD software equipped with this engine.




Tanaka, S., Froese, T.M., Kubota, S., Nakamura, K. & Monobe, K. (2015). Design and development of 3D-CAD engine. Paper presented at CSCE International Construction Specialty Conference, Vancouver, B.C.