Delivery of laboratory results to family physician EMRs in Ontario




Mitchell, Doug

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The timely communication and access to a complete history of lab results is at the heart of patient diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment planning. When lab results are effectively shared, in a manner conducive to family physician processes and systems, the business and clinical processes are improved, with possible value to the care of the patient. Current lab result sharing occurs through disparate and often proprietary one-to-one connections, often non-electronically, making integration of results difficult. There is broad value in coordinating efforts and consolidating processes across organizations, through electronic health record solutions. Referencing the published literature, this paper evaluates the local context of Waterloo-Wellington counties in southwestern Ontario, stakeholders, and processes, and describes the applicable standards and existing solutions. Recommendations are made for how to progress towards interoperable lab result sharing with family physicians.



laboratory, results, physicians, EMR, Ontario, delivery