Serial Verb Constructions and Auxiliary Verb Constructions in SENĆOŦEN




Campbell, Jessalyn

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Serial verb constructions (SVCs) and auxiliary verb constructions (AVCs) are understudied phenomena, particularly within the Salish language family. SENĆOŦEN is a dialect of Northern Straits Salish spoken in parts of British Columbia and Washington state. Building off existing SENĆOŦEN documentation, I present and examine a corpus of examples of SVCs in SENĆOŦEN, which is appended to this thesis. This corpus also includes examples of AVCs that contain the verb yeʔ ‘go.’ This thesis is divided into two parts: description and analysis. The former is contained in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, which describe relevant SENĆOŦEN grammar and the corpus data. The latter is found in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, in which I analyze the unique verb yeʔ ‘go’ and provide a Minimalist analysis of SENĆOŦEN AVCs and SVCs. I argue that, in an SVC, each verbal component can be as large as AspP. Additionally, I argue that some multi-verb constructions containing the verb yeʔ ‘go’ are better analyzed as AVCs, in which yeʔ ‘go’ is the head of an AuxP located between TP and AspP. The corpus of SENĆOŦEN SVCs and AVCs is appended in an effort to contribute to the overall body of research for the language and to the field of Salish syntax.



Serial Verb Construction, Auxiliary Verb Construction, SENĆOŦEN, Salish, Syntax