Contemporary perspectives on the practical, ethical, and ritual aspects of the Tsìnlhqút΄ín Súnt΄îny (Claytonia lanceolata) harvest on Tŝinuẑch΄ed (‘Potato Mountain’), British Columbia




Mellott, Carla Rae

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This thesis contains my understanding of some of the practical, ecological, social, and ritual aspects of the Tsìnlhqútʹ in (‘Tsilhqot’in First Nation’) súntʹ îny (Claytonia lanceolata) harvest on Tŝinuẑchʹ ed (‘Potato Mountain’), a mountain located in the territory of the Tsìnlhqútʹ ín people in British Columbia, Canada. I focus my research on the time period from the 1930s to the 1950s although much of what I learned has application to a wider temporal sphere. I learned about súntʹ îny harvest practices through interviews with local people. I also reviewed court testimonies of Tsìnlhqútʹ ín people from a Tsìnlhqútʹ ín landtitle court case. I gained practical knowledge of súntʹ îny ecology and súntʹ îny harvest from two summers of data collection on Tŝinuẑchʹ ed . As a non-Indigenous researcher working within an indigenous community, I recognize that I bring to this study a particular world view and particular assumptions about knowledge and truth. Through the process of research, many of my assumptions and biases have been challenged and in the conclusion of this thesis I provide a brief reflection on the transformative potential of the research process.