Visual Analysis of Spam Campaigns based on Network Modelling




Patel, Chitrarth

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With the growing Internet use, spamming methods have evolved, and attackers have modernized the attack strategies, making them more scalable using botnets. Botnets play a crucial role in spreading these spam email campaigns. A single individual or a group usually controls botnets. However, the same attacker or group can run different campaigns in many cases. Therefore, detecting the campaigns run by the same entity is crucial. Furthermore, it helps the analyst to capture stronger evidence against the attacker. The report proposes an approach for exposing coordinated spam campaigns initiated by single controlling entities. It uses network modelling and creates network graphs based on different behavioural traces for spam campaigns. Campaigns have a strong connection among them if they have similar behaviours. The proposed approach can also be used in investigating other cybersecurity attacks.



Network Modelling, Spam Campaign Detection, Spam Emails, Graph Theory