Key terms and concepts for exploring Nîhiyaw Tâpisinowin the Cree worldview




Napoleon, Art

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Through a review of literature and a qualitative inquiry of Cree language practitioners and knowledge keepers, this study explores traditional concepts related to Cree worldview specifically through the lens of nîhiyawîwin, the Cree language. Avoiding standard dictionary approaches to translations, it provides inside views and perspectives to provide broader translations of key terms related to Cree values and principles, Cree philosophy, Cree cosmology, Cree spirituality, and Cree ceremonialism. It argues the importance of providing connotative, denotative, implied meanings and etymology of key terms to broaden the understanding of nîhiyaw tâpisinowin and the need for an encyclopaedic approach to understanding these key terms. It explores the interrelatedness of nîhiyawîwin with nîhiyaw tâpisinowin and the need to recognize them both as part of a Cree holistic paradigm.



Cree worldview, Cree language, Cree spirituality, nîhiyawîwin language revitalization, Cree cosmology