Meaning and substance in the Garden City: talking to street-involved youth




Perkin, Kathleen

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Anthropologists have written about illicit drug use in the Western cultural context since the 1960s and recent years have seen an increased interest. At the same time, young people have become a significant “risk group” in public health efforts to reduce illicit drug use. In particular, youth living or spending time on the street have been the target of interventions. The following thesis describes youth connected to one such intervention in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Youth connected to Bridging the Gap: A Citizen Engagement Initiative in the Interests of Crystal Meth Prevention, Education and Intervention are described in terms of demographic characteristics, health and substance use. They are compared with youth from another study of street-involved youth in the area (Risky Business: Experiences of Street Youth) and a random sample of youth in Victoria (the Healthy Youth Survey). Data were collected in 39 survey-based interviews and 3 qualitative interviews.



Youth, Drug use, Methamphetamine