Political 'nights', political fights




Jérome, Vanessa

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Night of August 4, 1789, night of crystal 1938, "great night" of colonization, night of extraordinary meetings in assemblies, nights on call in various institutions ... political nights are materiality and metaphor. Space and time at the same time, they carry their share of violence, real or fantasized plots, agreements wrested from a hard fight or even promises of better days. Disrupting the daily logics of the social contract, between rulers and ruled, between men and women, between generations, between territories, they question the relationship of humans to Politics, as well as the expectations and the terms of their struggles. While the world wonders about its future, from a climate emergency to genocides, the nights, taken as an object of research as much as a field of investigation, can contribute to the elucidation of the world as much as to its transformation. Let’s bet that we will learn something by allowing ourselves to be enveloped in their starry mantle.