Concepts of the sacred in place : reconciling mindscapes and landscapes.




Church, Michelle

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The concepts and issues surrounding the study of sacred places represent a complex interaction of mindscapes and landscapes. Using as the main examples Stonehenge and the Bighorn Medicine Wheel, this thesis is about these interactions in natural, community sacred places and serves two main purposes. The first is to clarify the meaning of -sacred- and the application of sacred designation to natural places. The second is to explore options for the protection. conservation and restoration of such places. In addition. an interpretation of cultural issues surrounding the understanding of the sacred in place explores and explains the connections between worldviews, stories or mythologies, and sense of place in sacred places so that a better understanding can be reached of the paradigms that underlie our conception of the sacred and of nature. and by extension, the sacred in nature. This in turn serves to illuminate the recommendation of focal restoration techniques to restore sacred places.



Sacred space, Stonehenge, England, Medicine Wheel, National Historic Landmark, Wyoming