The Boundary and Excitation Effect of Non-Spherical Granular Material





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Non-spherical grains have been gradually receiving attention from both researchers and the industry because of their behavior. Even though these grains possess complex macroscopic orientations that are associated with different applications, such as the pharmaceutical industry, they sometimes can also cause challenges, like jamming while passing collectively through certain narrowed passages. Most published articles have presented studies about granular materials, based on spherical grains and have mainly examined the grain size but ignored the grain’s shape and orientation, especially concerning the interaction of these grains with their boundaries. Further, literature reported that the mechanical properties of the granular materials are critically affected by the alignment of non-spherical grains as conducted in various simulations and associated experiments. To explore more about the shape and orientational effect of non-spherical grains with respect to boundaries, a detailed initial-level observational study is done with the help of different boundary shapes and grains ranging from elongated rice to long cylindrical grains. The collision of grains with boundaries generates an orientational field that results from their interaction with boundaries and neighboring grains. This research shows that the excitation of grains occurs due to their collision with boundaries, and these boundaries can play an important role in the orientation of non-spherical grains. The study provides ‘thought-provoking’ directions for exploring more about the orientation of non-spherical grains.



Non-spherical grains, Orientation, Boundary effect, Collisional interaction