Analysis of muon and electron neutrino charged current interactions in the T2K near detectors




Hillairet, A.

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Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings


We present the updated measurement of the muon neutrino interaction rates and spectrum at the T2K near detector complex, ND280, located at the JPARC accelerator facility in Tokai, Japan, 280 meters downstream from the target. The measurements are obtained using all the data collected until 2014. The momentum-angle spectrum of muons from νμ charged current (CC) interactions measured at ND280 off-axis detector constrains the flux and cross-section uncertainties in the T2K oscillation analysis. This spectrum was also used to measure a differential cross-section measurement of muon neutrinos on carbon. Similarly the νe contamination of the T2K beam was measured to verify this intrinsic background for the electron neutrino appearance and provide the first electron neutrino cross-section result since the Gargamelle experiment. The νμ CC inclusive events selected in the on-axis detector (INGRID) at 280 m and originally used for monitoring the T2K beam stability were also used to measure the CC interaction cross sections on carbon and iron. The selections and results for both ND280 and INGRID will be presented in this paper as well as future prospects for both detectors.



T2K, electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos, near detectors, cross section, carbon, iron


Hillairet, A. (2016). Analysis of muon and electron neutrino charged current interactions in the T2K near detectors. Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings, 273-275, 1932-1937.