What motivates volunteers to assume governance responsibilities? A study of volunteer motivation in Mendoza, Argentina.




Lhotka, Fiona

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The non-profit sector in Argentina has been one of the largest in Latin America. Many of these non-profit organizations are run by volunteers. The challenge to recruit and retain these volunteers is universal, though the solutions may be different within different settings and are worth studying individually. Finding out what motivates people to give their time and energy to take on the responsibilities of being a board member is important for organizations. This information can be used to find individuals who have motivations suited to a responsible role within the organization by conveying the right message during recruitment. Once these volunteers are in place, information about what encourages board members to stay can help to inform the development of programs of education and activities to keep members engaged. The fit between not only the organization and the volunteer but the volunteer, their motivations and the activities they perform are crucial to a successful experience for both the organization and the volunteer.



volunteer motivation, volunteer recruitment, volunteer retention, board volunteers