Developing the Program Evaluation Framework for Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia




Ali, Zulfiqar

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This thesis aimed to gain an in-depth understanding of effective program evaluation frameworks, particularly in the agriculture sector. Specifically, the analysis was focused on assessing monitoring and evaluation of public and private sector projects to assist the British Columbia Investment Agriculture Foundation (IAF), the client for this thesis, in identifying smart practices as a way to support constant improvement in their organization. This research involved conducting a literature review of the most recent and relevant literature on program evaluation, particularly works that related to nonprofit organizations in the agriculture sector, interviewing IAF staff, developing a jurisdictional scan of program evaluation frameworks in the Netherlands and New Zealand, and conducting a review of existing IAF evaluation documents to identify and discuss key themes for an effective program evaluation framework and provide examples of smart evaluation practices that may be adapted by IAF. The recommendations include integrating formative and summative evaluation practices, developing targeted programs with well-defined key performance indicators (where possible), and capitalizing on data visualization software for monitoring and reporting on project goals in real-time.



Program evaluation, agri-sector program evaluation, evaluation frameworks, smart evaluation practices