Local government animal bylaws in British Columbia: current state analysis and emerging practices




Trux, Luisa M

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This research presents an exploration of the current state of animal bylaws across the 25 most populated municipalities in B.C. and the identification of emerging practices for animal bylaws. The focus is on the duties placed on owners to both control their animals to prevent threats and provide care for them to ensure their wellbeing. Findings include a gradual shift in some animal bylaws from regulations focused on control and preventing threats stemming from animals, in particular dogs, towards a more all-encompassing approach that promotes responsible pet ownership. This entails a balance between control requirements and care requirements that recognizes both the potential risks associated with pets and their ability to have positive impacts on individuals and communities. The thesis concludes with several recommendations for municipalities considering changing their animal bylaws, including the need for comprehensive provisions on cats and increased care and anti-cruelty requirements, as well as an overview of areas for further research.



animal bylaws, responsible pet ownership, B.C. municipalities, local government