Terahertz System-on-Chip using coplanar stripline transmission line on thin membrane




Abdelmouty, Walid Gomaa Abdelwahed

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A guided-wave THz System-on-Chip (TSoC) is emerging as an attractive alternative to the routine free-space THz systems to reduce physical bulk, propagation loss, pulse dispersion and cost of free-space THz systems. Recently, our research group succeeded in demonstrating a novel waveguided TSoC based on the coplanar stripline (CPS) transmission lines on a 1 µm-thin Silicon Nitride membrane. The novelty of this membrane-based platform was bonding the transmitter and receiver directly on the transmission line to eliminate the radiation loss by the routine THz optics. Besides, the delicate thin-membrane dramatically reduces the dielectric loss of the platform which results in low-loss and low-dispersion THz-bandwidth pulses. This Ph.D. dissertation presents the first end-to-end TSoC components that were designed and fabricated using the CPS transmission lines on 1 µm-thin Si3N4 membranes. These components are integrated into a TSoC by bending or connecting different impedance CPS transmission-line sections. We demonstrate four passive TSoC components: THz low-pass filter (TLPF), THz power divider (TPD), THz apodized Bragg grating (TABG) and THz branch-line coupler (TBLC). One of the most significant gains from this work is the assurance that more complex TSoCs can be designed and fabricated using this membrane-platform based on the strong agreement between simulation and experimental results.



Terahertz, Coplanar stripline, THz waveguides, Thin membrane