AppXimity: a context-aware mobile application management framework




Aaron, Ernest E. Alexander Jr.

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The Internet of Things is an emerging technology where everyday devices with sensing and actuating capabilities are connected to the Internet and seamlessly com- municate with other devices over the network. The proliferation of mobile devices enables access to unprecedented levels of rich information sources. Mobile app cre- ators can leverage this information to create personalized mobile applications. The amount of available mobile apps available for download will increase over time, and thus, accessing and managing apps can become cumbersome. This thesis presents AppXimity, a mobile-app-management that provides personalized app suggestions and recommendations by leveraging user preferences and contextual information to provide relevant apps in a given context. Suggested apps represent a subset of the installed apps that match nearby businesses or have been identified by AppXimity as apps of interest to the user, and recommended apps are those apps that are not installed on the user’s device, but may be of interest to the user, in that location.



Context-Aware, Mobile Management, App Management, app organization