The Lived Experiences of Child and Youth Care Practitioners Who Use Tactile Objects in Practice




Stickney, Allison

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This study explores the lived experiences of using tactile objects in Child and Youth Care (CYC) Practitioners’ practice. This thesis includes the definition and scope of tactile objects, explores what being a CYC Practitioner means, describes the many roles that CYC Practitioners hold, and shares what CYC Practitioners articulate about the use of tactile objects in their office space and environment. This study focused on the lived experiences of CYC Practitioners who work with clients and provide or utilize tactile objects in their practice. By interpreting the experiences, co-constructed themes identified how tactile objects are used, what beliefs guide their use, feelings that come up in use, and ideas about outcomes from their use, along with some emerging observations. The results from this study provide a case for increased education for CYC Practitioners, better tools for them and their clients to have access to and will help fill the gap in CYC literature about experiences of tactile objects in practice.



Child and Youth Care, Child and Youth Care Practitioner, Tactile Object, Tactile Objects, Relational Practice, Play Therapy, Expressive Art Therapies, Therapy, Therapeutic