An Analysis of the flaked stone assemblage from the Hiikwis Site Complex, Barkley Sound, British Columbia




MacLean, Kelsey

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This thesis analyses the flaked stone assemblage from the Hiikwis site complex (DfSh-15 and DfSh-16) in Barkley Sound, British Columbia. The Hiikwis flaked stone assemblage is anomalous within Barkley Sound due to the presence of relatively abundant flaked stone in late contexts. Prior to Hiikwis, the most recent flaked stone in Barkley Sound dated to approximately 2000 BP. Hiikwis has flaked stone beginning at approximately 2800 BP and lasting until the final occupation of the site in the early 1900s. Artifacts are classified based on a descriptive lithic analysis and then the behavioural implications of the assemblage are discussed through use of the chaîne opératoire and theories of technological organization and design theory. Spatial and temporal differences become apparent throughout the site and demonstrate changes in the types of tools used over time. The Hiikwis site complex is compared to other sites within the region, as well as beyond. A discussion of the attributes of the West Coast culture type and the Gulf of Georgia traditions makes it clear that the findings at Hiikwis support the Wakashan Migration Hypothesis. In turn, this assemblage calls for a re-evaluation of the West Coast culture type, while suggesting that there may be other unexcavated sites in Barkley Sound with flaked stone in recent components.



artifacts, tools, culture, archaeological