Combinatorial algorithms on partially ordered sets




Koda, Yasunori

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The main results of this dissertation are various algorithms related to partially ordered sets. The dissertation basically consists of two parts. The first part treats algorithms that generate ideals of partially ordered sets. The second part concerns the generation of partially ordered sets themselves. First, we present two algorithms for listing ideals of a forest poset. These algorithms generate ideals in a Gray Code manner, that is, consecutive ideals differ by exactly one element. Both algorithms use storage O(n), where n is the number of elements in the poset. The first algorithm traverses, at each phase, the current ideal being listed and runs in time O(nN), where N is the number of ideals of the poset. The second algorithm mimics the first but eliminates the traversal and runs in time O(N). This algorithm has the property that the amount of computation between successive ideals is O(1). Secondly, we give orderly algorithms for constructing acyclic digraphs, acyclic transitive digraphs, finite topologies and finite topologies and finite lattices. For the first time we show that the number of finite lattices on 11, 12, and 13 elements are 37622, 262775, and 2018442, respectively, and the number of finite topologies on 8 and 9 elements are 35979 and 363083, respectively. We also describe orderly algorithms for generating k-colored graphs. We present, in particular, an algorithm for generating connected bicolorable graphs. We also prove some properties of a canonic matrix which might be generally useful for improving the efficiency of orderly algorithms.



Combinatorial enumeration problems, Partially ordered sets