Mentorship: the description of the experience of a prolonged mentorship relationship.




Cottier, Emma

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Mentorship between an educator and student is a complex and enduring journey that connects two individuals in the pursuit of a dream or common goal. It is a one-on-one relationship that customizes itself to the needs of the mentee, where the wisdom of the more experienced individual is shared with the other in a supportive and encouraging manner. Genuine and meaningful mentorship, where there is a strong connection between two individuals, can impact both willing participants in numerous ways. A mentee is provided with academic and emotional support, and a mentor is provided with profound professional and personal growth. This project reflects on the personal experience of a six-year mentorship, and provides a detailed description of prolonged mentorship, the mentorship relationship, and the personal and professional growth one can obtain by voluntarily entering into the role of mentor. It will provide helpful educational insight into the multifaceted world of mentorship.



mentorship, relationship